Letter: Lanesborough's chance to invest in future

Lanesborough's chance to invest in future

To the editor:

I am a new resident of Lanesborough; my fiancee and I purchased our first home here back in December. Among our criteria for finding a new home: it had to be in a town with a strong sense of community; and it had to be part of a great school system.

The debate over the Mount Greylock Regional School building project has proven the sense of community that Lanesborough has. But more importantly, Lanesborough has a unique opportunity — an opportunity to invest in the future.

From a purely objective, financial standpoint, the proposed project simply costs less than repairing the building. No one wants their taxes to go up, but this is an investment in the future — one that will have a positive impact on our community for generations. Additionally, voting against this project will result in a higher tax burden because the price will double and there will be no state reimbursement.

We had a similar project on the table in my hometown that I adamantly supported, and that project cost substantially more than the one that is proposed here in Lanesborough. That project ultimately passed, and now students and teachers have access to the resources they need. The town had previously been on the state watch list for lack of community support. I went through that school system prior to the project, and saw the desperate need firsthand. That is a key reason I support this project now in my new hometown.

I've always valued education, it's why I'm currently working on a Masters Degree. While we don't currently have kids, we came to Lanesborough to ensure that they would have strong educational opportunities and would learn to value education the same way we do. Supporting the building project now is the best way to ensure that happens.

I strongly urge the residents of Lanesborough: support the Mount Greylock building project. It will be less expensive than waiting.

Kevin M. Towle, Lanesborough


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