Letter: Liberal bias reaches food page

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To the editor:

Just when I thought I had reached my saturation point of being bombarded daily with The Eagle's left-wing bias, lo and behold, Margaret Button joined the editorial, Trump-hating cabal with her "Watergate cake" in the food section. ("Kitchen Comfort: A dessert that Woodward and Bernstein might enjoy," Nov. 6.) She has exposed just how deep-rooted the left-wing bias of this paper is. Now it has infiltrated the recipes! I wish that Margaret and Eagle readers would realize they are being duped by relying exclusively on MSNBC, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and unfortunately, The Eagle for their slanted political reporting.

I have been monitoring this paper's editorial pages for three years, recording daily the number of negative and often nasty, anti- Trump cartoons and commentaries that are being force-fed to this paper's readers. These columns are sourced primarily from The New York Times and The Washington Post, which are unabashedly Trump haters. Since Jan.1 of this year to Nov. 5, Eagle readers have been inundated with 484 negative political cartoons and 550 negative commentaries, including editorials. If these numbers are off, the plus/minus difference is miniscule.

No wonder Mrs. Button felt so inspired to share her impeachment-themed recipe, "Watergate Cake"! Pardon the pun, but this "takes the cake." May I suggest that Margaret and lefty readers take a peek at Judicial Watch, Breitbart News, Daily Caller, Whatfinger, or gasp, Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs on Fox for a few days to discover how they are being bamboozled by the mainstream media's slanted, distorted or omitted information. Please, do not allow yourselves to be underinformed or misinformed. Also, may I suggest that the EAGLE incorporate some conservative viewpoints and sources into its reporting and editorializing for the sake of journalistic integrity. News reporting MUST be fair, balanced, and OBJECTIVE. Considering the obvious imbalances on the editorial pages, I hope to see forthcoming an attempt to be fair to conservative readers in this election year.

I am looking forward to November 2020 and Margaret's offering the recipes for "Trump's Triumphant Tiramisu" and " MAGA Muffins"! Those would be fair and balanced desserts!

Judith Belanger,


Editor's note: The Eagle regularly runs conservative columnists, among them Michael Gerson, Marc A. Thiessen and Kathleen Parker of The Washington Post.



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