Letter: Living in the land of Oz

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To the editor:

If the Democrats want President Trump to get a second term, they are going about it the right way. The hesitation of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to take a formal vote on impeachment proves even she doesn't believe these allegations are true. Never before in modern history has an impeachment probe been launched without a formal vote from Congress. Ask yourself, what is really being covered up here?

Democrats say they are concerned about national security and tampering by foreign governments but won't investigate anyone in their own party. Like in Oz, they tell you to look over here, don't pay any attention to that man behind the curtain.

This impeachment nonsense is all about creating a smoke screen to hide Democrats' own illegal activities before the 2020 elections. Explain how Joe Biden's son suddenly became a multi-millionaire after his father's visit to the Ukraine? Why was Biden's son on Air Force Two with his father for that visit? Why isn't anyone looking into this and calling for an investigation? If it were one of Trump's children, the media and Congress would be all over it. Where is the real quid pro quo?

Journalists wonder why their credibility is at a record low. Do your job and dig into a story. Find the facts. Stop reporting news based on people's assessments, views, opinions and hearsay. I was taught that telling a half-truth was the same as telling a lie. Reporting half the news is fake news. I'm tired of hearing things like "You'll see I'm right" or "I'm never wrong." What arrogant statements. Simply saying you hate the president or calling him names are your hatefully opinions, not facts.

Why can't a sitting president ask a favor from another country's leader to look into a matter of national security? Nancy Pelosi says impeaching the president is "about national security." This from the party that wants no borders, hates law enforcement and wants your guns, but somehow is concerned with my security?

I think not. I'm tired of being lied to. How about impeaching Congress so President Trump can get something done? After 42 years as a registered Democrat I've changed my political party. I'm joining the silent majority.

Paul Murphy,




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