Letter: Locking out nurses was over the top

To the editor:

Shame on the administrative staff of Berkshire Medical Center for locking out the nurses who went on a one-day strike. The nurses are striking not only because they would like what could be considered a cost-of-living raise, but mainly because they need additional staffing to ensure patient care.

Having been a patient more times than I would care to admit, I know they are in desperate need of more nursing during the shift to properly monitor and care for patients. The administrative staff has not told anyone why they chose to lock out the nurses, alleging that the replacement nurses would only come in if allowed to do so for five days. Sounds like baloney.

Shame on BMC and shame on the nurses who crossed the line for more than the one-day strike. This is reminiscent of Reagan-era attempts at union busting. More importantly, how much has it cost BMC to hire all the replacement nurses, bus them in and out, hire extra security and house them? Seems exorbitant. That money could have been used to hire more nurses! What the lockout tells me is that BMC is not concerned with patient welfare, but with lining the pockets of their own administrative top-heavy staff. Maybe if we elect to go to Baystate Medical Center for our hospital needs, BMC will pay more attention.

Candace Docimo Mahony,



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