Letter: Mayor puts well-off ahead of locals


To the editor:

I'd like to give another take on the July 6 story "North Adams to begin crackdown on junkers." It should have been titled "North Adams criminalizes being poor to benefit Mass MoCA visitors."

The only people this ordinance affects are the working poor and those near or below the poverty level that already have tenuous transportation and employment. Personal transportation of any sort is a must in Northern Berkshire County for continued employment due to inadequate public transportation.

I believe this is only among the first rounds of the "Mayor of MoCA" Tom Bernard and his allies bullying the less well-off residents in their efforts to entice the art crowd. He wants poor locals out and rich art people in and he's already shown himself to be willing to put the locals at risk to further this. For example, the cancellation of lifeguards at Windsor lake which was only rescinded due to backlash.

Who wants to be reminded of the locals and their grinding poverty on vacation, right?

Brian Hunt,

North Adams



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