Letter: Misleading tax policy, Stockbridge to D.C.

To the editor:

I challenge your readers to identify a country in the world where they would like to live and which also pays fewer taxes than we in the U.S.

On the federal level, the long discredited "trickle down" theory of "take from the poor and give to the rich" never goes away. In fact, the current tax proposal before Congress is the most severe shift in wealth that we have ever seen.

Your recent coverage of the tax rate decision in Stockbridge suggests similar thinking: Paying less taxes is preferable to paying more taxes. Nobody wants to pay taxes. Your article states that Stockbridge is among the lowest rates in the county. In fact, if you discount these smaller towns that provide limited services, Stockbridge may have the lowest rate. And the public officials are celebrating and congratulating each other for keeping rates low! Isn't this the same town that has unfunded bridge replacements, limited capital reserves, and is reluctant to support some of the larger tax generating development proposals?

As our president says, "Cut, cut, cut"

Tom Gannon,



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