Letter: Morris School students show artistic ability

To the editor:

There is a wonderful display of art work at Kimball Farms from Morris School curated by Debbie Kain, the art teacher. These are children in grades K through 5.

I would like to nominate this for classroom of the week. The teacher asked the students to make an "artist statement " about their work. One student, Margaret, grade 5, wrote, "My pictures I made made me feel really good. At first when I made the snowman I felt a little nervous. I felt like I couldn't do it, but I told myself, I can do it. That really helped me. I learned of making the snowman is when you put shadow it gives it shape. When I look at it, the snowman, it looks like it's in 3-D. Who knew that adding shadow could do so much."

Charles Haynes,



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