Letter: Mountain lions won't make Northeast home


To the editor,

This letter is in response to the Jan. 7 Eagle article regarding mountain lions migrating to the Northeast. Mountain lions "aren't working their way here" stated an out-of-state biologist. He stated that hunters don't kill anywhere near the maximum quota of lions in his state, contradicting what ecologist Sue Morse (a hunter herself) stated earlier in that we need to stop hunting them to help them migrate. Well, if hunters have never reached the quota, then why didn't lions started migrating to the Northeast a long time ago?

Ms. Morse states early on that we need to bring lions here to keep the deer herd numbers down because deep populations are "ruinous to our woods." This may be the most ludicrous statement that I've ever read. Deer aren't ruining the forests, they're ruining the shrubbery around people's houses. There are very few deer in the forests any more, they have migrated to the suburbs. So do we really want lions cruising the bedroom communities looking for food?

Yes, people have seem them locally. I've seen two myself in the last 25 years, but they don't stay here. They can't stay here because they need the right habitat (flora and fauna) to survive. Every wildlife biologist in the world will tell you that. And this is why lions have not relocated to the Northeast. It has nothing to do with hunting them out West or an overabundance of deer in your neighborhood.

It's unfortunate that the our biologists at MassWildlife weren't part of this article. They would've given us these facts.

David Willette,

North Adams



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