Letter: Mt. Greylock project needs readdressing

Greylock project needs readdressing

To the editor:

I am concerned about the Mount Greylock Regional High School project. We all agree that something needs to be done. The question is what.

First, at $64,500,000 it's too expensive. We need to lower the cost significantly. Lanesborough taxes are among the highest in the county and our asset base is shrinking as we lose businesses on Route 7 and at the Mall. That means your taxes are going up without a huge increase for the school project. Can you afford another $300+ a year on your taxes for the next 30 years?

Secondly, the School Committee has elected to not pursue a more equitable cost sharing arrangement between Lanesborough and Williamstown, specifically, why the tax exempt properties in each town are not included in the calculations? Adding the values of Williams College and the Clark, significant assets for Williamstown residents, to the assessed values of the two towns, would make Lanesborough's share more equitable.

This change doesn't impact the tax status of either institution. They will keep their tax exempt status. And don't buy the argument that we already changed the agreement and we can't do any more.

A NO vote on March 15 doesn't kill the project! It will give us a chance to readdress these and other issues. Let's get a less expensive project and a more equitable cost sharing arrangement for Lanesborough.

Donald Dermyer, Lanesborough


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