Letter: Museum board must put a stop to art sale

To the editor:

As members of the Berkshire Museum, we request that the impending deaccession auction be postponed. We cannot understand why the museum board has not responded to any of the criticisms from credible sources about such major changes to the museum or to their plans to raise funds.

The museum is very important to museum members and the county community. This auction and the museum's lack of response to requests for information has divided this community and has the potential of causing a long-term loss of members and donors.

We feel that the museum's plans need to be more transparent. During our requested delay, we would like the museum to release details about the museum's current finances and its plans for the use of the money the auction will raise. We would like details of the structural changes planned to this historic facility and we would like to hear what steps the board intends to take to heal the divide it has created.

If you are a museum member and agree with this letter, please call the museum at 413-443-7171 and tell them so. In addition, let's all send a letter to The Eagle at letters@berkshireeagle.com saying that you want the museum to delay this auction.

Jim and Helen McCarthy,

Susan Gordon and Jim Moran,

Annette Gordon,

Dorothy Anderson,

Moe England,

Charlotte Finn

Susan Gordon and Jim Moran are from Pittsfield. The other writers are from Lenox.


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