Letter: Museum owes us a public dialogue

To the editor:

How ironic and sad that a community museum is embroiled in a struggle with its own community, a struggle that is leaving deep and intractable scars. Friendships have been fractured and people maligned. A sense of community has been deeply eroded and will continue to erode as long as the larger Berkshire community is ignored.

How ironic and sad that a community museum has cut itself off from the larger museum community. How ironic and sad that the leadership and trustees of a community museum refuse to engage in a dialogue with their own community, whether through a town hall meeting or some other format. So many questions have been raised — future budgets, whether an existential crisis really exists, lack of forthrightness, other possibilities of raising money without selling the art to name a few — that a pause in the sale of the art would give people time to try to work things out.

Although the director of the Berkshire Museum and the board represent the community, their refusal to engage with our community leaves a legacy of cynicism and heartbreak. I implore the board to meet with our shared community and let a healing process begin.

Paul Graubard,



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