Letter: Museum's attitude is typical of times

To the editor:

It is not surprising to me that a course of action — auctioning art work — will be undertaken by the guardians of the Berkshire Museum, in spite of the distress it is causing many of us who live in the Berkshires, businesses, and other museums as well.

2017 seems to be the year of peaking bad behavior: Heinous crimes every day, here and abroad; blatant disrespect for our fellow man; complete lack of compassion when it is needed most; and too, society is honing in on completely eliminating all basic social graces among us. With this advent of bad behavior is it any surprise that the Berkshire Museum doesn't care about how the Rockwell family feels about their dad's art going to the highest bidder? The indifference in our society has become astounding and is frankly, very scary.

The Berkshire Museum board, Van Shields, and their new public relations people don't care about what we think. We can write letters until the cows come home, but nothing in this scenario is going to change because they don't care how you feel, how I feel, or how the Rockwells feel. Apathy has crept into the bucolic Berkshires, becoming, sadly, a common trait.

I wonder where it all started?

Amy Renak


The writer is a pianist, teacher and accompanist.


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