Letter: Neal is holding on to money


To the editor:

As a supporter of Rep. Neal's opponent November opponent, Tahirah Amatul Wadud, I take issue with the characterization that he is "holding" the center. I wish your March 11 article had highlighted that 24 times as much spending in the race meant $3 million. He didn't have to raise it all. He'd amassed plenty from his years of taking corporate monies.

Rep. James McGovern just declared his refusal of big money like this. I'd challenge Mr. Neal to act like his Western Massachusetts peer and make this pledge too. I'd challenge all of us to imagine how Neal's opponent might have fared on a more level playing field. She got nearly 30 percent of the vote with a fraction of the money.

I hope Ms. Amatul Wadud challenges him again. Even if she doesn't win a second time, I am going to bet she eats into that "center."

Sarah Buttenwieser,




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