Letter: Negativity is unfair to good mayoral candidate

To the editor:

With the North Adams mayoral election upon us, I think most of us would agree that this is a very important time for our community. Many of you may know my brother, Robert Moulton Jr. as he is one of the two candidates. After hearing recent negative comments, I have been feeling the need to speak up.

The comments being made are completely unnecessary and downright cruel. I know several people who are making these comments and I truly feel they should be ashamed of themselves. It is unfortunate that grown adults feel the need to bring such negativity into the election. Isn't this name-calling and cruelty a huge part of what is wrong in our world today? This is the example that is being set for our children. This is what they see and hear, and this is what they learn. So many people are disrespectful, some are even hateful.

Rob is a great father and uncle. He is a devoted husband, a great brother and friend. He is kind and intelligent, and he cares very deeply about the future of North Adams. He is passionate about our city and he has been an active member of our community for 40 years now. He has worked very hard on our City Council for 10 years. He is president of North Adams Ambulance. He has sat on many committees and fought for change. He has owned and operated a thriving business in our downtown. He is ready to tackle the core issues that we, as a community, are facing.

I can assure you, Rob's passion for North Adams is exactly what we need. Anyone who truly knows him, knows his dedication and knows how hard he is ready to work for the people. Rob cares about our city and he cares about us.

That being said, I hope the unnecessary name-calling and cruelty can come to an end. This election is about so much more. This is about the future of North Adams! I hope all the adults can act as adults and focus their time on something more productive and positive. I wish both candidates luck and I hope everyone gets out there to vote on Nov. 7.

Peter Moulton,

North Adams


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