Letter: New Pike exit a waste of money

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To the editor:

After reading countless articles and letters in The Eagle about the proposed Massachusetts Turnpike exit between Westfield and Lee, I still ask myself one question: Why? Is it just because the distance is long? Why wasn't this thought of when the Pike was constructed? Have things changed that much? What kind of industry would a new exit encourage? How many people would be positively affected? And what are the risk and reward factors? Would it be money well spent, or just cosmetic?

I have resided in Becket for more than 31 years. My history here goes back to 1960. I'll gladly travel to Lee or Westfield to get on the turnpike. These extra few minutes do not bother me as much as the damage that would be done to our communities should a new exit be built. So, to our wise and thoughtful government: I can list myriad other worthwhile venues that would gladly welcome the countless millions of dollars that would be wasted on this "fool's errand." Education might certainly be one of them, and it would be far more cost effective for the future. Don't help us with your largesse. We don't need it, and we don't want it.

Elliot Slotnick,




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