Letter: Nike-Kaepernick piece objective, informative


To the editor:

I'd like to thank The Eagle for running Tony Dobrowolski's column on Colin Kaepernick, "Out of the Pages: There are other ways to protest." (Sept. 8.) Taking a knee is one of the most divisive contemporary topics in the media and often ignites emotional argument (sometimes debate, but mostly arguments).

Mr. Dobrowolski approached Nike's use of Mr. Kaepernick in their advertising objectively, and it was interesting, well-written, informative, thought-provoking, but, most importantly, it was actual news. Far too often we see the transparent use of the written word as a soap-box; punditry cloaked in the wrapper of what is meant to look like news. Thank you to The Eagle's newsroom and to Mr. Dobrowolski for writing actual news, and for making our local newspaper one we can be proud of.

Allen Harris,


The writer is CEO & chief investment officer, Berkshire Money Management.



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