Letter: No driver's licenses for illegal aliens

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To the editor:

I write this letter in disagreement with Rep Tricia-Farley Bouvier and The Berkshire Eagle editorial board. As a retired Arizona state trooper, I've more than likely dealt with illegal immigrants or UDAs (undocumented aliens) as the Arizona Department of Public Safety called them in reporting data, than most in the Berkshires. Farley-Bouvier renews push to allow undocumented in state to get driver's license, Eagle, Sept. 4.. Our Opinion: Driver's license bill makes roads safer.

I have no problem with people getting driver's licenses, but when you don't know who these people really are, how can you license them? And as little trust in the government that most undocumented aliens have, do you honestly think they are going to go to a government facility, where they have to show ID, proof of residency, etc.? And if they do go to the RMV, how is Massachusetts going to vet these people? And if they don't vet them, how much financial liability is Massachusetts going to assume, especially if a UDA uses somebody else's information fraudulently?

And trust me, I've tried to find the registered owner of a UDA vehicle involved in a crime, only to find the vehicle's owner doesn't exist, the address is false, etc. Basically it put me on a ghost chase.

And when I was a Pittsfield police officer back in the early 2000s, if a person had a valid driver's license from a foreign country, that was recognized as a valid driver's license. So why would you give licenses to people when you have no idea of their driving skills/abilities, or even who they are?

I am in 100 percent agreement that everybody driving a vehicle should have a valid driver's license. But a feel-good measure is not the way to do this.

James Casey,

Gilbert, AZ

The writer is a former Pittsfield police officer, 2000-2008, and a retired Arizona state trooper.



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