Letter: No intent by Warren to be deceptive

To the editor:

Fans of Professor Henry Louis Gates' genealogy program, Finding Your Roots, witness how surprised guests are to learn of their backgrounds. Heritage stories are often ignored or wrongly reported. Badly told genealogies are probably due to assumptions, faulty memories or misunderstood remarks overheard during childhood.

Like Elizabeth Warren, my daughter-in-law Roxanne believed herself to be partly Native American. Roxanne's mother was born on the reservation where her own mother had lived her entire life. When her son's allergies appeared, his pediatrician suggested a DNA test that showed the child was 100 percent European, which means his mother was as well. That finding encouraged the boy's aunt (Roxanne's sister) to have a more thorough DNA test done. The family — contrary to word-of-mouth — is wholly French Canadian.

I am certain that Sen.Warren, like Roxanne, grew up with the words, "You have Indian blood." Americans, whether they identify as black or white, are often positive — and proud — that they have indigenous ancestors. I feel the senator is as innocent of deception as my daughter-in-law is.

Susan Wozniak,



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