Letter: Not a Republican, but an advocate for Stockbridge


To the editor:

I am the Stockbridge Planning Board candidate running against Barney Edmonds, whose letter appeared in The Eagle on May 14. Mr. Edmonds doesn't name me but he does say I'm a Republican. I am not a Republican. I am unenrolled. If he can't get that simple fact right, what does it say about his attention to detail and relationship to facts?

Mr. Edmonds labors mightily, and not too subtly, to tie me to the Republicans, to the divisions in our country, and to Donald Trump when he writes "We do not need to make Stockbridge great again." I am not a Republican, I do not support Donald Trump, and I have never claimed that Stockbridge needs to be made great again. I wonder why he tries so hard to nationalize what is quite simply a local election.

What I stand for is adherence to the town's zoning bylaws while being open to responsible and appropriate development. Unlike Mr. Edmonds, I have never sued the town (and lost). That suit, against the town he says he wants to serve, is by itself enough to give voters pause. As a Planning Board member I will work in a spirit of openness in addressing all applications to the board, and in a spirit of collaboration with my fellow board members.

I am not running because Mr. Edmonds opposed the DeSisto School project. I am running because I believe that Stockbridge deserves to have Planning Board members who look to the future with awareness that the town, with a declining population and rising property taxes, needs sensible growth. This can begin to happen if voters elect me to replace Mr. Edmonds on May 21.

William H. Vogt,




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