Letter: Nuclear power is beneficial, cold fission a myth


To the editor:

Letter writer Jason Francis ("Nuclear fission isn't answer to energy crisis," Oct. 14) is entitled to his opinion but he is not entitled to make false claims.

The amount of nuclear waste is relatively small and manageable, especially compared with that of fossil fuels, and can be vitrified and put away without any chance of leaks. And nuclear power is steady, unlike power from the sun or from wind.

A bigger problem with his letter is the completely non-scientific statement that "diseases such as Alzheimer's, are the direct result of radiation, unrecognized by our limited scientific devices, leaching from nuclear reactors onto the ethereal (or 'dark matter') planes." There is no such thing as an "ethereal plane." And there is no such thing as cold fission, either, so it wasn't "special interests" that keep it from happening. The old report that it occurred was mistaken at best and fraudulent at worst.

Let's stick to science and reality in working on future sources of energy.

Jay Pasachoff, Williamstown The writer is a professor of astronomy Dept at Williams College and sometimes teaches a course there on "Science and Pseudoscience."



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