Letter: On guns and mental health

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To the editor:

In recent years, there are cases where gun owners are outraged when the government tries to take them away. Let alone there are people who are unfit to own and keep them away from others.

Gun control advocates never mention mental health when demanding the truth. Yet opponents think the problem is mental health only.

What about school shootings around the country? Nobody would consider mental health the bigger problem than just shootings.

Pro-gun lobbyists state the problem isn't guns, it is the unstable person who possess it. Whereas gun-control advocates cites guns as the killer. Regardless if politics gets involved or not, there is no end to this debate.

Before guns are purchased, there needs to be an ultra-strict mental health evaluation to determine if the purchaser in question is stable or unstable.

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We need to make major changes, toughen gun laws and seal loopholes to overhaul them and make it clearly read and understandable.

Protesting isn't going to help make gun control any better or safer. What is needed is deeper involvement coming from both advocate parties.

What can a person learn if there is gun control by way of mental health evaluation? What kind of guns are placed on the banished list? Are we going to be safe after gun reforms becomes law?

B.J. Steigner,

New York, N.Y.

The writer is a former resident of Clarksburg.


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