Letter: On the characteristics of great leaders

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To the editor:

What qualities do you look for in a leader? Never before in the history of America has this question been more important for us to ask ourselves. The 2020 presidential election will soon be upon us. If we fail to take sufficient time to reflect upon this question, the result could be catastrophic.

America is currently governed by a leader who is impaired by his vindictiveness, his wrath and his tyrannical behaviors. His style of leadership has done great harm to our two-party system of government. No one is willing to reach across the aisle to support what's best for the greater majority of Americans. Republicans vote for or against an issue dependent upon the president's view. Independent thinking is no longer welcomed by the Oval Office. Even our Justice Department is being compromised by the impact of his tweets.

Government shouldn't function this way. Great leaders exhibit respect, humility, compassion, honesty, wisdom, empathy and accountability. Great leaders welcome constructive criticism. Great leaders inspire others to perform at their best levels knowing that the nation will benefit from their expertise.

Can we honestly say that there has been a consistent display of these qualities from our current leader or the members of the Senate or the House of Representatives?

Before we cast our vote in November, we must do our political homework. We need to email, write letters or pick up the phone and contact candidates running for office. Ask them where they stand on issues we feel are critical for America's future.

It will require effort but will reap great rewards. Candidates will know that we will hold them accountable for the responses they give and the promises they make to the constituency. Don't let democracy lose its greatest strength — the ability to elect individuals who will serve the needs of all Americans with dignity and integrity.

Beverly J. Tobin,




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