Letter: Open-campus lunch helps define PHS


To the editor:

Thank you to The Eagle for interviewing me and my peers last week in regards to Pittsfield High School's open-campus lunch policy (Eagle, Jan. 5.) I hope our responses helped to answer your questions and will thus influence the school board to come to the right decision.

The conversation of whether or not we will be permitted to continue our open-campus lunch policy has sparked some concern since your article was first posted. The student body at Pittsfield High is spirited, passionate, and hard-working. We have historically worked hard to make and maintain positive change for our community, and our open-campus lunch is no exception.

Since its beginning, Pittsfield High has been home to great campaigners of social and administrative change, including former student Libby Tucker. Tucker was a strongly influential student during her time at PHS in the early 1970s. A PHS junior and one of the school's representatives on the Student Council, she advocated for the continuation of the open-campus lunch program. After gathering support from others and making a strong argument for her cause, the program was renewed and has been in place since then, making it, perhaps, one of the most successful protests held for a school-related issue.

Programs like our open-campus lunch are what make the school unique. Students are trusted to behave respectfully and responsibly during school hours and to demonstrate those same qualities when out in public. However, the reality of a program such as our own is that it can never be perfect, and that safety will always be a concern when allowing students to leave campus — not only during lunch, but also before and after school as well. Despite this concern, I, along with the majority of my school, have trust in our faculty and administration to maintain our safety, as they have done numerous times in the past. Just as our dome is an honorable landmark of our school, open-campus lunch is a historical symbol of the success of Pittsfield High.

Samantha Scoco,


The writer is a member of the PHS Student Council.



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