Letter: Open-minded Du Bois should be emulated

To the editor:

W.E.B. Du Bois, extolling the benefits of education in "The Souls of Black Folk," says the following:

"I sit with Shakespeare, and he winces not. Across the color line I move arm and arm with Balzac and Dumas, where smiling men and welcoming women glide in gilded halls. From out of the caves of evening that swing between the strong-limbed Earth and the tracery of stars, I summon Aristotle and Aurelius and what soul I will, and they come all graciously with no scorn nor condescension."

Du Bois was a truly educated man. He did not disparage the European authors he cites as "dead white males" in the manner of today's gender feminists and black activists.

Anthony Nicastro,



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