Letter: Our veterans deserve better than Trump

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To the editor:

I read the recent letter to the editor from LTC Michael Lawrence and SFC Mary Lawrence letter with both sympathy and hope. Sympathy for the Lawrences and all those like them who have served or are presently serving in the military and who have been subjected for the last four years to the malicious and degrading rhetoric of the president of the United States. Hope that more people like the Lawrences now clearly see the imminent danger this incompetent and narcissistic man poses to the security of our nation.

With all due respect, I nevertheless have one major difference in opinion regarding what one should do at the voting both on Nov. 3. If you truly feel Donald Trump is no longer worthy of the presidency, you must vote for the candidate who has the best chance of defeating him. Voting for anyone else (e.g., "someone worthy to represent the Republican party") only allows him a better chance of another upset win. Please, let's all put the country first in this crucial election.

Lastly, I thank the Lawrences and all those who have proudly served their country.

TJ Chiaretto,




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