Letter: Ozawa Hall remains handicapped-unfriendly


To the editor:

It was interesting to read about the new facility at Tanglewood (Eagle, Feb. 7). The article also stated that this was the 25th anniversary of Ozawa Hall. Designed by a major architect, it was built without taking into effect the rules for handicapped already in force. Since that time, the BSO has done nothing to permit the handicapped to have access to upper floors and the full features of Ozawa Hall.

What clout does the BSO have with regulators that it can continue to ignore these regulations? New buildings, all ground level, are nice, but the BSO must do something to permit Ozawa Hall to be accessible to all. Considering so many of Tanglewood's patrons are aged and aging, one would think it would be amenable to this. So far, nothing.

Kenneth Roberts,




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