Letter: Passionate Moulton is man to revive city

To the editor:

I met Bob Moulton two months or so ago for breakfast at a North Adams diner. I was asked by a friend if I might be interested in helping out with the Facebook page of a mayoral candidate for North Adams. I listened to this man tell me his ideas for the city, the same city I hopped the bus for in the '80s to hang out.

He had a lot to say. This guy cares a lot about the regular guy. He cares about your police, the hospital, trade jobs and technology advancement, water quality, taxes, and downtown, and that hit home with me. That bus trip in my teens was to go to the Mohawk Theatre. I have been waiting for years to see it reopen, and yes, I'm still waiting.

I loved hearing the ideas Bob has to get that moving forward. I like Mass MOCA, but I want my North Adams back. I want the general store, Dowling Square, all the other things I enjoyed while walking down Main Street. I felt that day that this man, who has been a part of North Adams his whole life, could give me that. He convinced me, that morning, that he was the right man for the job.

Jan Blair,



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