Letter: Patriots fan thankful for success


To the editor:

While the pundits of the press are writing the obituary of the New England Patriots, let's remember a few things about the incredible run of this team.

Nine appearances in the Super Bowl and six wins. Despite being tied with Pittsburgh for most Super Bowl wins, has there ever in the history of the NFL been a run of excellence for such a period of time?

That funny oblong ball has a habit of bouncing in many different ways and the Patriots could have won more Super Bowls depending on circumstances or by the same token, lost more. Of the three Super Bowls they lost, key passes resulted in miracle catches (Who can forget the pass David Tyree of the New York Giants caught off his helmet?) beat them.

Or the Super Bowls against Atlanta and Seattle. The crazy interception when Seattle was on the one line yard and everyone expected the ball to go to Marshawn Lynch and instead Malcolm Butler intercepts a pass to clinch the Patriots' victory. Atlanta was leading 28 to 9 with about 11 minutes left in the game. And who can forget Julian Edelman's miracle catch in that game.

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So the Pats are gone from the playoffs. I suspect the NFL is happy to see that. Let's enjoy what the Patriots have given us. Bill Belichick has put together an organization to be rivaled by all. As a testament to his skills, look at how many ex-coaches/players have moved on to coach other teams and come back to beat him.

This year's team had a great defense, but through the long season, even they could not carry the Pats. Gronk was a big loss to the team, and the burden on Edelman was even too much for this tough guy. When they went down to play Houston, the cat was out of the bag. Cover Edelman and aad James White and see if anyone else could pick up the slack. It was the beginning of a tough stretch of games for the offense and the Pats. But, they did win their division and make the playoffs.

I wouldn't write them off just yet. If Bill and/or Tom return, they are still a formidable organization.

The Pats gave us a lot of thrills over the past 20 years. Let's remember that!

Fran Stone



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