Letter: Picking up after the lazy and inconsiderate


To the editor:

Who are you?

It's one of the first warm, sunny days of spring. Time for a nice walk down our road. We seek out the light jackets, not worn since early fall. We grab our gloves and two large, green garbage bags along with two grabber wands. Off we go.

Who are you?

We stroll down the hill toward the main road. It's about mile each way. Almost immediately we find evidence that you were here on our beautiful, tree-lined country road. Bud Light, its shiny blue can glinting at us from the leaves. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky nips. Vodka nips. Dunkin' coffee containers. And their lids. More Bud Light. An Anheuser Busch can. Monster Energy Drink. Garcia y Vega cigar packages. And the occasional bag of chips.

Who are you?

By the time we finish walking back up the hill, we're a bit tired, it's gotten warmer, and we peel off our jackets. The two green garbage bags are now full. And they're heavy. Maybe 20 to 25 pounds each. We leave them along the road and take the car back to pick them up, adding a few hidden things you've left behind which we spot on our short drive back to the house.

A few drivers slow down and wave their thanks. One person stops and tells us how much they appreciate what we're doing. She tells us that she and her boyfriend picked up two truckloads of trash from the main road last fall.

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We still don't know who you are.

But we certainly know what you are.

Do I have to say it? Inconsiderate. Rude. Selfish. Lazy. And a lawbreaker since, after all, littering is against the law, as you may have forgotten.

So, here's a reminder for you.

Stop throwing your trash onto our beautiful Berkshire roads. Now. And don't do it again. Ever.

After all, we still don't know who you are.

But you do.

Barry and Marjorie Shapiro,

New Marlborough


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