Letter: Please, drivers, put your phones down

To the editor:

I made a journey recently from Lenox to Pittsfield. The 15-minute trip is one I have done hundreds, if not thousands of times. But today I noticed something most disturbing.

On my way, I barely escaped a driver almost crashing head on into my car as he swerved to my lane and recovered without incident. He was on the phone. A few minutes later a driver made a right turn on a red that clearly said no right on red. She was on her mobile. A third driver neglected to signal right as he turned which distracted the rest of us behind him. He was Facetiming on his cell as he was driving.

It does not matter which town or city you are driving in. We are a distracted driving nation. What does matter is that there should be a universal law banning cell phones while driving. But further than the law, it should be enforced with a very large penalty such as a $500 fine and several points on your license. I guarantee that if such a law is enacted and enforced, there would be less accidents and fatalities.

Turn off your phones while driving. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by your cell. It can save a life.

Ellen Levy-Lanciano,

L enox


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