Letter: PR advice for Democrats in taking on Trump


To the editor:

Because the White House's current pccupant brings an AR-15 to the current "game" as he calls it, the opposition must bring in a bazooka.

Here's some free PR advice for our congressional, journalistic and moral leaders to get them on offense. That they are on defense is quite flabbergasting — and their fault.

— Line up 100 or so of the 400 former Department of Justice prosecutors. Have each announce from June, 2019 to November, 2020 their rationale explaining why they say conviction of a presidential felony is a slam dunk. I recommend choosing Republican prosecutors to obliterate charges of politics. This should erode the "hoax\witch hunt" pitch the other team is successfully drumming home. Drip by drip, their opinions would enter the nation's mentality.

— Hand pick 50 or so "famous celebrities" willing to speak out on what they see as shameful, embarrassing and hurtful policies/behavior of the administration. Release one a week until November, 2020. Make the other side appears so uncool.

— Mail money to Kentucky to undercut the Essential Ally and un-elect that U.S. senator. This will be more difficult than unseating the Top Man. But if you have a few extra millions, mail it to the Blue Grass State with the clear goal of undercutting that in-pocket incumbent.

— When it comes time for the president to debate whomever the Democratic side offers: hit him with 10 or so of his own biggest lies in response to his new ones. As in, "You mean like Mexico will pay for the wall?" As in "No Russian business connections except for about 140?" Effectively repeat the idea that this leader is brazenly trying to mislead the public, including his so called `base' supporters.

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— Vote! And get your relatives, neighbors and everyone in your orbit to vote in 2020.

— Women who disagree with the administration's policies might consider not purchasing goods from companies that support this man. That would wake up the Occupant, who "gets" the finances/money part of his job. If nothing else.

The Democrats may not be campaigning against the highest IQ in the land, but they are up against a low cunning, an understanding that TV and social media are the essential delivery systems, and that the Russians get that too. And Vladimir is willing to pile on.

Never forget what any salesman knows: you pitch the key purchasing agent/owner to sell your product and the Current Occupant is still trying to get a Moscow purchase order that might help get him out of debt. In other words, Putin is the ultimate buyer for this man. So, there's small mystery as to why the kissy stuff and sweetness toward Russia. There's proof of this somewhere, quite probably.

Bruce H. Alexander,


The writer, a registered Independent, is a retired public relations agency owner whose clients included AVON cosmetics, Sheraton, Hilton, Foxwoods Resort Casino, the Easter Seal Society, the Connecticut Home Show, dozens of national and regional retail, manufacturing, publishing companies and trade associations since 1971, He formulated policies that obtained positive coverage for clients with The New York Times, TIME Magazine, Newsweek, UPI, AP ,dozens of daily newspapers, ABC, NBC and CBS TV and radio.


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