Letter: President Trump must go before the world goes

To the editor:

What Kim Jong Un is capable of is bad enough. But we now have to worry whether, between taunt and tweet, our nation, our allies, and ultimately the world will all be blown to hell and back by our own president's reckless posturing.

On August 8, CNN showed an interview he gave several decades ago in which he discussed North Korea logically and articulately. Compared with that, the decline in how this president now thinks and expresses himself is shocking. Please stop excusing his behavior with, "Well, he's our president." Ask yourself whether he is even capable of serving responsibly in that position:

Does he comprehend briefs presented to him by U.S. security/intelligence personnel and the leaders of our armed forces? Will he take the advice of people skilled in diplomacy or military strategy if it goes against his own malformed opinions? Can no one prevent his launching inflammatory tirades or personally leaking classified information, even before our own government knows what he is up to?

Can you trust him to discern the difference between fake news and urgent truths? Or to tell the truth, himself?

Do you really want him to be in any position to declare the emergency powers granted to him by our Constitution? Or to handle the nuclear codes with the same lack of self-control he exhibits toward social media?

Please do whatever you can as swiftly as you can to remove this president from office — paging Amendment 25! — before he tips us into, to use his favorite hyperbolic language, "disaster" "like the world has never seen."

You can bet that if North Korea strikes, he'll be the very first in a gold-plated fallout shelter. And will lock the door right behind him.

Meanwhile, are any up-do-date procedures and adequate staff in place for US civil defense? "Duck and cover" won't cut it if, say, the entire swath of crops along the West Coast becomes irradiated or Silicon Valley incinerated. Please take North Korea's threats seriously and act accordingly on the home front to help keep America safe — starting from the top.

Iris Bass



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