Letter: Proud of distinctive Millionaire nickname

To the editor:

Once again the topic has arisen about changing the Millionaire nickname. Being a lifelong resident, graduate and former ballplayer of Lenox High School and a coach for the last 14 years I don't think I have ever once heard or seen a student athlete try any less in the classroom or on the court or field because they are a "Millionaire." I have yet to witness any so-called bullying by opponents due to the nickname. I personally will never be a millionaire but am very proud to be a Lenox Millionaire.

I recently watched the documentary that Patrick Colvin and Tyler Coon put together. Job well done, young men. This vote that was taken at the school where the outcome was 2-to-1 in favor of changing the nickname — how many of those votes were school choice students? They should remember they are attending the high school by choice! They could go to a school that has a much less offensive nickname if they wanted.

One other school in this country has the nickname "Millionaires." That school is in Williamsport, Pa., where the name has been with them since the 1930s when more millionaires per capita lived there due to the logging industry in the late 1800s. That school promotes the Millionaire nickname, they wear it proudly on the school uniforms and sell it on items in the school store.

Take a look at some of the other nicknames around the county. We have the Drury Blue Devils; I have yet to see one in North Adams. When was the last time a Hurricane tore through the Adams/Cheshire area? Did the Generals lead the Spartans and Crusaders in battle against the Braves and Warriors? If someone sees a Mountie in Williamstown, please give them a GPS — they are about 250 miles south of the border. There probably are Hornets around McCann. I have seen Eagles in Sheffield and there was a wildcat in Lee a few years back.

In 2011 when the Lenox basketball team won Western Mass., it played the Lee Wildcats, St. Joseph Crusaders, New Leadership Wildcats and the Whitensville Christian Crusaders — a lot of uniqueness there.

How fair will taking a vote be? Do second-home owners care? Will out-of-town alumni be included? Change isn't always for the better; be proud of what you have and leave it alone. Go, Millionaires!

Scott Sibley,



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