Letter: Reader urges Rep. Neal to support carbon tax bill


To the editor:

Thank you for your Dec. 1 editorial, "Carbon fee brings potential help for our environment," and for Judy Fox's Nov. 30 letter to the editor telling us that a meaningful bipartisan solution for climate change was introduced last week in Congress. Dare we hope that the U.S. will at long last act to address this most serious problem?

We are fortunate that our own Rep. Richard Neal will be in a position to help make this a reality. As future chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, he will have the ability to push the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (https://energyinnovationact.org/) when it is re-introduced in the next Congress.

Passage of legislation that would cut U.S. emissions by at least 40 percent in 12 years would be an extremely effective first step to prevent the worst consequences of climate change. And the fact that this bill's design will be good for people in other ways by creating jobs and being fair to lower income households is fantastic. It would also be revenue neutral — it would not grow government.

Experts are virtually unanimous that a strong price on carbon would be the single best first step to reverse climate change. If this bill is enacted next year, it will start to work immediately and will be complementary to and accelerate all other actions aimed at the problem.

So Rep. Neal, please make climate change a priority, and do all you can to pass the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act when you take charge of the Ways & Means Committee.

Uli Nagel,




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