Letter: Remind elected officials that there is a vote coming

To the editor:

I have many questions for Eagle readers. How many have learned our history? Are Muslims, Jews, Mexicans and folks from Central and South America less human than others of mixed race in our country? Do you remember how we treated the Japanese here during and after World War II? How would Mr. Trump feel if his son were taken to an unknown place? How do these people live with their consciences?

Instead of learning from our mistakes we are letting our elected officials repeat them. I hope every voter registers and then goes out to vote. We need new leaders who vote with their conscience instead of along party lines.

I vote with a conscience and am appalled with our Senate and congressmen and women. Many say one thing and vote another, so have to keep writing to remind them that there is always another election.

Get out your pen and paper and reminder them!

Ruth Heath,



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