Letter: Republicans more a sect than a party

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To the editor:

"Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it."

— Edmund Burke

The criticism has frequently been leveled against the leaders of today's GOP that they failed in their duties to their country and to their party by not making a firm stand against fanatical Trumpism at its inception, as well as against the evolutionary emergence of Trump's radical republicanism that now threatens state's rights — both of which were born from decades of expressed empathy towards extremist evangelicalism.

In this regard, the Republican leaders were accused of having been so busy in their task of advancing radical evangelicalism within the party that they remained silent while the American people were being seduced. By grossly underestimating Trump's nihilistic designs on American democracy and state's rights, and by their subservience in the investigation and impeachment process, they let slip the opportunity of resistance while resistance was still within their power.

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Indeed, the Republican leadership and body politic together are accused, by their predisposition towards authoritarianism, of having encouraged the Trump regime in its arrogant subordination of the Constitution and its expansionist dictatorial philosophy. The GOP's leaders are blamed for seeking to defend the national Republican Party's existence as an institution at the expense of its republican principles.

There is at least some justification for these charges. In a sense, the GOP leaders found themselves trapped in a situation that exposed their every weakness and encouraged every temptation. The GOP leaders, by their dual collaboration with overt white advocacy/separatist groups and extremist evangelicals, were no more or less guilty than were their beleaguered supporters.

Still, it remains to be said that as custodians of the Republican gospel, the relevant conduct of these Republican leaders must be judged by different standards. Their readiness to allow the truths to be distorted for the purposes of political expediency, and their failure to denounce the crimes so openly committed in their knowledge and presence, place a heavy burden of guilt upon them.

The question left unresolved at this time is, will the party of Lincoln survive and prosper, or will the party of Trump destroy America's republican legacy?

Algird Sunskis,



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