Letter: Residents seek crackdown on rude, dangerous drivers

To the editor:

We have encountered numerous roadway violations — including texting, pedestrians who ignore green lights, angry drivers passing our car over a double yellow line or on the right side of the road. They honk horns and wave their middle fingers, even while we are attempting to pick up a disabled patient with a walker from BMC orthopedic care.

While driving home on West Street, just past Crosby School, a vehicle passed us over a double yellow line and offered his middle finger. Then, the driver drove through the red light at Valentine Road.

While driving up Valentine Road at the speed limit, another driver became impatient and passed us on the right side of a shoulder. Yet again, the driver offered his middle finger and wailed on his horn.

While dropping off my mother, a patient at BMC, a driver, again waved his left finger because we were taking too long to enter the building with her walker.

While exiting our driveway, with a downhill 15-mph speed limit, we encountered a vehicle driving more that 35 mph, nearly hitting our vehicle, again waving a middle finger. So we ask, where are the Pittsfield police to respond to these infractions, specifically to an officer who resides in our neighborhood?

Roselyn Drive is a downhill hub for inept drivers who gain a speedway access to Jason Street. We've grown tired of the speeding traffic where we have a majority of elderly residents and families who walk their infant children and animals. Please, we need safety and security in this neighborhood — something for which we pay.

Marie and Theresa McGuire,



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