Letter: Return Morandi to job he is doing well

To the editor:

The subject of a recent letter to the editor made me shake my head in wonder. Describing the Ward 2 City Council race, the writer stated that a novice political challenger was somehow "the best qualified candidate because she has the skills and experience to ask questions and offer solutions."

Why should the voters in Ward 2 take a chance on an untested newcomer when our councilor, Kevin Morandi, has demonstrated that he has an enormous depth of knowledge, a willingness to do his homework, and a relentless interest in each and every issue facing the citizens of Ward 2 and the city?

Kevin is available every Monday in the City Hall Council office to meet with his constituents. He holds Ward 2 meetings every month, alternating between Allendale and Morningside Community schools, as well as hosting a gathering at the Senior Center twice a month. The work he has done in the past six years has given him a reputation of being fiscally responsible (always a plus for seniors and families on fixed incomes), and being an independent thinker.

I personally can attest to the fact that Kevin is concerned about public safety, as I have worked with him for the past three years on a successful Neighborhood Watch program. His enthusiasm in helping to obtain the T.D.I. grant to improve the Morningside and Tyler Street area and his continued support for the Berkshire Innovation Center are just two examples of the ways in which he is trying to improve Pittsfield's economic picture.

It should be obvious to all voters that Kevin Morandi is the one candidate who has proven he is capable of tackling complex problems and has both the skills and experience to guide our city on the road to success.

Diane M. Ferrero,



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