Letter: 'Right From Berkshires' column wears out its welcome

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To the editor:

OK, are we done with "Right From The Berkshires" now? The columns have always been looney, but last Saturday's offering (Steven Nikitas, "Here's the solution for black America") was also hate speech.

Most everyone recognizes that poor people are in trouble, and some of it could be described as a result of "bad choices": Nicholas Kristof's column in the New York Times on Sunday June 14 (Eagle, June 16) gives a nuanced and compassionate account of this urgent contemporary issue.

Even conservative demigods like Charles Murray argue (in his 2012 book "Coming Apart") that social disorganization has to do with class, not race: poor white people have just as much difficulty with "bad choices" as black people, Hispanics or anyone else. There appears to be a national consensus here, one that has eluded "conservative activist" Steven Nikitas.

Where's the Eagle editorial board? Does it read what is submitted by "columnists" like Steven Nikitas? Are we supposed to feel that conservatives are "under-represented" in the media, so they should have their own platform to spew out any unfounded viciousness they dream up? What's next? "The KKK Korner"?

It's time to end this unfortunate experiment: "Right From The Berkshires" was always a bad idea, but now it has become an embarrassment to our community.

David Anderegg West Stockbridge



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