Letter: Romney-Patrick, the dream Bain ticket

To the editor:

With the news that former Governor Deval Patrick is considering a presidential race, and that another former governor, Mitt Romney, is running for a Senate seat in Utah, I wonder if the two might combine and offer the country a Patrick-Romney ticket in 2020. They wouldn't run as Democrats or Republicans but under the Bain banner.

Romney made millions when he worked for Bain Capital, which he helped start in 1984. Bain soon became notorious for destroying companies and communities. When Romney ran for president in 2012, the chair of the Democratic National Committee referred to him as "more of a job cremator than a job creator." At the same time, then-Democratic Gov. Patrick described Bain as "a perfectly fine company."

So we shouldn't have been surprised that Patrick joined Bain as managing director in 2015 when he left the governor's office. Patrick calls himself "pro-growth," but the only thing that Bain grows is unemployment. In 2000, Bain purchased Pittsfield-based KB Toys and forced KB to borrow huge amounts of capital, leading to its 2004 bankruptcy. Pittsfield lost a corporate headquarters and 90 local residents lost their jobs.

I don't know if Patrick and Romney will form a joint presidential ticket, but of one thing we can be sure: If they campaign in the Berkshires, they won't mention KB Toys.

Maynard Seider,

Philadelphia, Penn.

The author is emeritus professor of Sociology at MCLA.


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