Letter: Romney should have been center of impeachment vote coverage

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To the editor:

If, in your opinion, "there was one bright moment in the darkness," which was Sen. Mitt Romney's vote to convict the president of abuse of power, why would you put as your Page 1 feature article on Feb. 6 a large photograph of President Donald Trump displaying the acquittal headlines with a smug and evil look on his face? This isn't news!

We all know that Trump tells lies and is corrupt and turns everything he thinks and does around to accuse others of that very thing. Why would you put a thumb-size photo of Sen. Romney — who you praise for his courageous vote and words — under the oversized photo of a corrupt president? Shouldn't your first-page article have been about this act of courage, responsibility and constitutionally correct behavior? Shouldn't the large photograph be of the senator?

You have only perpetuated the constant media coverage of the evil behavior of a corrupt and abusive individual on the road to fascism. He will continue along this path until the media stops headlining him with news of his fascist endeavors and he gets voted out.

Sen. Romney deserved the front-page headline.

How about putting Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman on the front page with a story about his being dismissed for telling

the truth?

ML Kammel,




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