Letter: Rude acts, innocent questions aren't racist

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To the editor:

The July 11 column by Jacob's Pillow Director Pamela Tatge, in which she accuses patrons of racism is absurd on the basis of the anecdotes presented.

No one has the right to grab another person's head. The gentleman should have been ejected and permanently banned, and perhaps even given a taste of pepper spray. But where's evidence of racism? Moving on, why is it racist to have a conversation about ethnic backgrounds and experiences? I have had similar conversations because I find it interesting to connect with and learn about people, which is the opposite of racist.

Instead of misusing her platform to impulsively accuse people of crimes against humanity, and to brag about the Pillow's enlightened anti-racist policies, Ms. Tatge should put her money where her mouth is by racially diversifying Pillow's audiences. After all, she wouldn't want people accusing her of being an elitist hypocrite.

Jeff Herman,




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