Letter: Rude bike riders don't own rail trail


To the editor:

For years I have lived in Berkshire Village, Well before they paved the bike trail. I have always walked our many dogs on this trail. This is the first year I have noticed such a lack of etiquette among the biking community.

They ride up behind you whooshing past without so much as a "on your left/right" or "behind you." This frightens people walking with children, dogs, and their owners. We keep our dogs tightly leashed on the the trail when we walk and we are very aware of our surroundings but a few times already this year I have let my dogs have a bit more leash and they've almost been hit by people riding by.

When riding toward you, some fail to ride single file when going past, acting as if they own the trail pushing you into the dirt and grass. Share the trail people, it's for everyone. It wasn't paved just for people on bikes-it was paved so all the residents of Berkshire County can enjoy it.

I am not saying this is every person riding a bike, but it has been a vast majority already this year. I would love for all residents to be able to walk, ride, and rollerblade freely without being scared or injured.

K. Auge,

Berkshire Village



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