Letter: Safe from tigers, asteroids, due to Trump


To the editor:

Every time the sun rises in the morning, I give thanks that Donald Trump is our president. During the Obama years, there were indeed concerns that the sun would stop rising and we would have found ourselves sans sunlight. Mr. Trump has put an end to that darkest of dangers.

Also, the Obama presidency saw the approach of an asteroid to the U.S. heartland, ready to wreak havoc on our nation. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Trump, that asteroid has been deflected and is headed into outer space.

Finally, in the wake of Kenyan-born President Obama, there were reports of hordes of tigers headed from the jungles of Africa, poised to invade the U.S. mainland. Among President Trump's many notable powers is an ability to stop tigers in their tracks. Today, when I open the door to my home, there will be not a single tiger at my doorstep.

For all this I am indebted to Mr. Trump, who is making America not just great but safe again.

Gene H. Bell-Villada,




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