Letter: Sale must be stopped, full accounting given

To the editor:

There is no denying that the "re-imagining" of the Berkshire Museum by "monetizing" its 40 most valuable works of art in the collection is running into problems, some evident from day one, others emerging as the plan gains wider scrutiny by more and more people. Reasoning is more difficult to sustain as the sell date bears down on everyone concerned, especially the two new board members, Caitlin Pemble and David Neubert.

I believe everyone has been unnecessarily pulled into an emergency state of mind where the answer is black or white, pro or con. The museum board should postpone the sale so that the problems can be resolved without being under pressure and out of time. And there is time. Sotheby's must not be in the driver's seat of this cart. Van Shields should take the time to persuade the greater museum community that his plan is wise, necessary and legal. Why would he and his board want it any other way?

Jonas Dovydenas,



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