Letter: SBA is putting narrow interests first

To the editor:

Many thanks to Clarence Fanto for having reported on the Stockbridge Bowl issue in the Nov. 25 Eagle. I am a full-time Stockbridge resident and for this past year I have been the Laurel Hill Association's delegate trustee to the Stockbridge Bowl Association. I recently stepped down due to my realization that the SBA board no longer serves the interest of the public. Indeed, what I thought was an environmental organization could be better described as a real estate one, where members are primarily focused on protecting their property values to the potential long-term detriment to the environment and the public health.

When it comes to managing our "Great Pond" from so-called invasive species it is important that all interests are represented in vital decisions that have to be made. So far, the SBA has declined overtures from the town's Board of Health to develop a consensus-driven approach to the the decision-making process. Instead, it ignored the concerns expressed by the Board of Health, the Conservation Commission, the Select Board and the Mahkeenac Boating Club and filed its Notice of Intent to treat the bowl with the herbicide fluridone, even though the monies it raised that will be used to pay for this weed killer were for dredging, not for herbicides. The SBA now runs the risk that many donors may now be asking for a refund of all donations made to the organization.

Our common interest is to assure the long-term viability of the lake for the safe enjoyment by fishermen, swimmers, puppies and all nature lovers, not to mention the 60 rare and endangered species (Massachusetts Natural and Endangered Species Program) that reside in Stockbridge and have no voice of their own in this decision.

Lionel Delevingne,



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