Letter: School project benefits Clarksburg as a whole

To the editor:

Clarksburg has waited to be accepted into the MSBA process for over a decade. The state will invest in viable projects and has many checks and balances in place in make sure the work is done and for the right price.

The state is willing to invest $12 million which is 50-60 percent of the cost of the project. If we don't take this grant, we will have to repair the school building at 100 percent our cost. Doing minimal repairs and updates would cost about $4 million with a 20-year bond issued loan that would cost taxpayers $2.75 on the tax dollar. This is almost as much as the proposed $3.25 on the tax dollar that would give our community a $19 million renovated school with more space and new updated infrastructure. If we don't take this grant, that money will be given to another community and our opportunity to enter into this grant system will be another decade or more away.

This project preserves the core of this community, ensuring it will be here for next 50-plus years and our property values will remain secure. When schools leave communities, the property valuations of homes decrease; when property values decrease, taxes naturally increase as a result. Homes are harder to sell without a school in its community.

Kathy Denault,



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