Letter: Send the littlest kids back to school

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To the editor:

Here's a thought — not a new one I'm sure, but I haven't heard anyone but the Danes propose it:

Send just the children up to age 10 back to school, and have them attend full-time. They can spread out into the classrooms of the older kids. Teachers can stay with one group in one classroom. Advantages to this approach include:

1. Children under 10 apparently spread the virus the least, so teachers and staff will be least compromised.

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2. Teachers will only see about 15 kids, not multiple groups of kids.

3. The little kids are least-able to do remote learning, and the most in need of face-to-face instruction. (How do you learn to read remotely?)

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4. The older kids have a better chance of learning remotely.

5. Parents can get more work done at home with older kids at home than with the younger ones.

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6. Child care issues might be easier for older kids staying at home.

I will be very interested in hearing the reactions to this idea from those who know a lot more than I do about all the issues involved.

Ann McCallum,



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