Letter: Senior citizens don't matter to Trump

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To the editor:

According to the New York Times of March 20 ("Chilling plans— who gets care — rationing proposals, ) "Age and underlying conditions determine that this person, although having a chance of survival with an ventilator does not get one — there will be teams that will make a determination who is most likely to survive and you provide care for them — those that have less good chance, but still a chance, you do not provide care and thus guarantee their death".

They are talking about you, your mother or father, your grandmother, or a child. Is this acceptable ?

This is happening today, here in the United States of America, in the state of Washington, while Trump and the Republicans do not believe it is the function of the government to make some industries retool and begin making respirators. In case of war, as in WWII, industry instantly started making needed materials, like tanks, cannons, motor vehicles, etc. Why is this not as essential ? To make what is needed to help the survival of citizens, no matter their age? This is a war, a war against an invisible enemy. We need a president that takes his office seriously and can handle crisis situations as well as making the health and well-being of the citizens his first priority. Not his golf game or how his hair looks, or the color of his makeup.

The Defense Protection Act gives presidents extraordinary powers to have industry make supplies. But Mr. Trump and some of his advisors are adhering to longstanding conservative opposition to big government. They are resisting calls from congressional Democrats and a growing number of Governors to use this law to mobilize industry to provide badly needed resources to help halt the spread of the Coronavirus.

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I wonder how "resistant" to big government they would be if it was their parent in need of a ventilator and was denied care ?

If you happen to be a senior citizen, this should make you sit up and take notice. Trump and his "advisors" are not interested in your survival, so they should not be given your vote should you do so.

November and Election Day will be here soon, I will not forget, will you ?

Edith Mingalone,



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