Letter: Sewer plant proposal will be heard Monday


To the editor:

This is my monthly letter to the editor to keep you up to date on what is going on or not going on in the city of Pittsfield. I have been successful in convincing the Pittsfield City Council to hear my presentation for the new sewer treatment plant. The vote was 6-5 in favor, with Councilors Connell, Rivers, White, Simonelli, Mazzeo and Morandi in favor. Voting to not even give me a chance were Councilors Moon, Krol, Marchetti, Caccamo and Persip. The hearing will be before the Public Works subcommittee on Monday, Dec. 10, at 7 p.m., in the City Council chambers. The meeting will be televised by Community Television on Channel 1303.

On that date, my world-class team of scientists and engineers will give a full-scale presentation as to what we can do at the city's sewage treatment plant compared to what the city's consulting engineers recommend. I once told Mayor Charles Smith that I and my two partners, Dr. Milos Krofta and Dr. Lawrence K. Wang, could do the project for $16 million. He said the difference between the two competing proposals seemed preposterous. I took the mayor to a 1 million-gallon-per-day drinking water plant that I had just built on Lenox Mountain for the town of Lenox for $350,000. He was convinced. He replaced the consultants Metcalf & Eddy and hired people whom I recommended and the rest was history.

The city of Pittsfield's water facilities eventually cost $32 million because the state and federal governments forced me to put in 100-percent backup systems. These backup units are not lost to the city as they are poised to be used for the next 50 to 60 years and will meet all state and federal guidelines. I will be proposing new state-of-the-art technology at the Dec. 10 meeting.

My goal today, as it always has been for the five water treatment plants I have built in the U.S., the three in South America and the three in Asia, is to provide the absolute best technology available for the absolute best price possible. For me to be successful, I need all of you to be alert and stand by my side to ensure that city officials do the right things to save you all the money that can be saved. It's your money, you should be concerned.

I have requested of Mayor Linda Tyer and DPW Commissioner David Turocy that I be allowed to get into the plant to do some research as my team and I prepare the final stages for our proposal. As there is a time frame of 10 days for a city official to respond to a citizen's request, evidently they feel immune from the procedures. I wonder why. How about you?

I will end with a statement that my mentor, Dr. Miles Krofta, made to the 1983 City Council: "I will not fail you." I will stand by this.

Craig Gaetani,




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